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Solar Control

Diamond Glass & Windows Double and Triple Glazing provides fantastic Solar Control

Smart and innovative technology

Diamond Glass & Windows solar control crawley

Is it possible that you can get too much heat generated by your glazing?

Here at Diamond Glass & Windows our Double and Triple Glazing eliminates this problem, by allowing sunlight to pass through the window whilst radiating and reflecting away a large degree of the sun’s heat. This results in a space still as bright, but a lot cooler – however, these windows also are terrific insulators.

Solar Control is a key feature in terms of energy saving. It is ideal for buildings with high internal loads or those which are situated within hot conditions. In more temperate conditions, it is used to balance solar control with optimum levels of natural light.

Our Solar Control Glazing is suited for any building, no matter how large or small – so everyone can witness the benefits of this efficient technology.

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