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Energy Ratings

Energy Ratings allow you to measure how energy efficient your windows are on a scale.

Triple Glazing

Triple Glazing from Diamond Glass & Windows is extremely efficient and low maintenance, and is available with the vast majority of our products.

Ultra4 Glazing

Ultra4 glazing includes Planitherm Total+ to help keep heat in, as well as offering more benefits; noise reduction, furniture fade prevention and high levels of security protection.

Noise Reduction

Diamond Glass & Windows Glazing provides sufficient noise reduction, to keep out any unwanted disturbance – creating a more tranquil and peaceful environment.

Solar Control

By choosing Diamond Glass & Windows you will receive high performance glazing which provides solar control, making your home more efficient.

Leads and Georgian Bars

Our range of Leads and Georgian Bars completely transform the look of any product, and are perfect for those looking to add character to their home.

Decorative Glazing

Decorative Glazing is a simple yet extremely effective way to rejuvenate and add authenticity to a room.

Self cleaning glass

Diamond Glass & Windows Self Cleaning Glass allows you to have high performance, visually stunning products which require virtually no maintenance.

Secondary Glazing

Diamond Glass & Windows Secondary Glazing range is a collection of smart and innovative ways to improve the efficiency of your home and our products

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